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Who We Are

A little info about the team




Memories. We love to make them, share them and look back fondly at them. 

My vision for Memories Remembered, is a modern way for us to cherish and relive life’s most precious moments with our loved ones, in a unique cinematic storytelling platform.


As a dad myself, with a background in tech, I have long been making shareable videos for friends and family of our special moments.  I have always been inspired by the idea of preserving our memories to enjoy in a shareable format that tells the story.


Todays technology gives every person with a smartphone, the opportunity to capture a piece of our most cherished moments.  Our purpose, at Memories Remembered is to Gather, Share, and Celebrate life's moments.


Our memories make up the story of our lives.   Memories Remembered, makes our lives into a story.

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