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Can family members and guests upload their photos and videos to my account?

*Yes! We actually encourage you to share the upload link and access code you received upon signup.

Who has access to our photos and videos in the dashboard?

*Only the paid member who signed up and purchased the service has access to the photos & videos.

Can family members and guests keep their own photos & videos after they are uploaded to your service?

*Yes! All photos & videos that family members & guests upload will remain on their device unless they delete them.

Do We need WIFI to upload?

*No. We recommend knowing your data plan limitations before uploading over cellular. WIFI is not needed to upload, however with bigger files this makes the process faster.

Can the paid member download all media uploaded, from the dashboard?

*Yes! Paid members that have access to the dashboard, can simple login and download all content that was uploaded.

What’s a snippet?

*A snippet is what we refer to as part of an existing video you may have. We edit the video to include the best ‘snippet’ that will be included in your finished film.


Can I create multiple events at the same time?

*Yes! Our service can include as many events/occasions as you like.

Can I delete photos/videos that have been uploaded by family members and/or guests?

*Yes! Your personalized member dashboard allows you to remove uploaded content as you see fit.

Will all my media stay online at Memories Remembered forever?

*No. Your personalized film will be available for download and sharing for 30 days once completed. Once you have downloaded your film, it will be yours to keep forever, however, all media will be purged from our server 30 days after completion. Additionally we offer an option to provide a USB drive of your film.

Are there any limitations on the length of my video upload?

We recommend that video clips be less than 3 minutes in length. You are welcome to upload multiple clips and we will then edit them for time and/or content.

How long can a recorded video message be?

We encourage that you limit your special message to under 1 minute in length, we will edit messages for time and/or content as needed.


Who selects the music for our film?

*Our Visual Storytellers select the perfect musical accompaniment to your cinematic story. The music we select is fully licensed so the finished film can be shared online and downloaded without any copyright infringement.

Do you offer DVD’s?

*No. We do not provide DVD’s, the photos and video taken on mobile devices today are higher quality than a standard DVD, so creating a DVD would be a downgrade to your finished film.

Do you support video tape content?

*Yes! We do support mail in video tapes and conversion for some of our services. Please contact us for shipping details. All tapes will be returned and the captured converted media will be placed in your uploaded folder and can be accessed when you login to your dashboard. *see pricing

Do you support scanning of photos?

*Yes! We do support mail in paper photos for some of our services. Additionally, we support negatives and 35MM slides. All media will be retuned once captured, and will be placed in your uploaded folder and can be accessed when you login to your dashboard. *see pricing

Do you offer a USB option for my completed video?

*Yes! We offer a USB option upon request. *see pricing

Can I upload media directly to my account?

*Yes! To upload, you can use the link and code that was provided at time of purchase or simply login to your dashboard, and under the upload tab, select the media you want to upload.

Does Memories Remembered compress images and or video when uploaded?

*No. Unlike social media sharing that compress media once uploaded, we keep it RAW, so we can use the high resolution media in your finished film.

What is the format of the final finished film?

*Memories Remembered uses the most common format (.mp4), so all computers, smart phones and tablets can play and stream your film online.

Can our finished film be shard online?

*Yes! Your finished video is easily shared online worry free. We purchase the music license to eliminate any copyright issues.

Can we download the finished film?

*Yes! We make is super simple to download your finished film. Within your dashboard, under the finished film tab, you can share it online and also download it right to your device or computer.

How long will our finished film be available to share and or download?

*We give our members 30 days to download all content from their dashboard, including the finished film. We will send out a reminder when it is approaching the 30 days.



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